Lighthearted Louie Is Back!

Lighthearted Louie Is Back!

Hello to all of my old audience (and some new Louie fans???); this is Louie, Nancy and Greg’s standard poodle. Please don’t say that you don’t remember me because I was bribed into writing this e-mail blog. You see, as you may recall, Nancy lost her blog sight iWeb which gave me a few years off from writing, but here I go again. “Ready or not, here I come!” Isn’t that from that silly game you humans play called “Hide & Seek”. HA, I never lose that game, I find whoever I want to find!

As I type this, my sister Serenade is sitting on Nancy’s lap (seriously, they are so in denial that she is not spoiled, saying they love us equal – whoa, save that for another post). I guess I have to be fair though and say that they never ask Serenade to go out and play fetch, so it all balances out, doesn’t it?!

I have to tell you about this adorable little girl that played with me yesterday. Her name is Sasha and she is the sister of one of Nancy’s saxophone students. Last night, she played with me for the whole time while her brother was playing his lesson. Then, after the lesson, we all went outside to play. I never knew I could jump for joy so much. For a few minutes, I even thought I was the “energizer bunny” hopping up and down out of excitement.

There, is that enough warning to say I AM BACK!

Lighthearted Louie (July 1, 2016) louies-prance-copy

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