June 17, 2024

June 17, 2024

Not everyone will understand, nor will they attempt to understand. Why have I kept this dog blog going for years after Allegro and Louie’s mission?  Whether we have written for our human companions or simply to humor those who believe.  They believe that us dogs can communicate wisdom, rather than just barking out warnings.

Perhaps I write my blog for more than only a few?  Life is not near as complex as humans try to define.  Once a human discovers their definition or purpose for their earthly life, simplicity takes on a whole new meaning. I think then, and only then they can comprehend my blog more profoundly.

How dare I make such a statement?  To those that ask that question, I say, get over yourself! This is a life to serve, not to be served.  Us dogs get it, we serve our people.

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