Rainy Day, June 15, 2024

Rainy Day, June 15, 2024

I could start out my blog by saying, it is a lovely rainy day here in Minnesota.  Or, I could pretend I was in Paris on this rainy day standing by the Seine River.  Of course, we would have our umbrella over us as we strolled along the river.  We would stop often  to see   artists that were sheltered from the rain as they attempted to emulate imitations of other great artists or produce their own signature.

Perhaps, some artists may even capture my  grace and elegance and ask me to pose for their paintings?  (OK, so that was Nancy’s comment, not mine!  I am not a flamboyant poodle like some of the others!)  I am comfortable in my own body, whether in our previous metropolitan city or the countryside.  Perhaps in our previous city, I was not chic enough and in the country, well, let me just say, I think I am misinterpreted!  As the French would say, “bof!”   In other words, it doesn’t really matter!

Whether in Paris or America,  my dog language is understood wherever I should choose to travel.    Nancy says that when she first arrived in Paris, she did not mind not knowing much french because she too is a person of few words anyway.    She too was comfortable enough in her own skin that the music were her words, they still are actually.   Very few people will ever understand our  bond.   But,  I feel so fortunate that my humans “get me” and they cherish our non-verbal communications.

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