June 12, 2024

June 12, 2024

A few nights ago,  as we walked   in our neighborhood, I  noticed the beautiful white daisies  as the backdrop to the many gold finches frantically taking stage.  I think my presence took them off guard when I noticed that they took refuge behind a clump of trees. Perhaps they were simply preparing  the prologue to their production until I interrupted their train of thought.  I whispered to them that I did not mean to disturb them and I would soon return for their full production.

Now, back home I am sitting on our deck to  continue my blog writing.  It is a perfect summer night with few mosquitoes and a light breeze.   It is one of those nights that the birds are teasing us with their whimsical sense of humor.  The clouds are extremely content in their sparse presence that is making them rather  subtle in their artistry.  Though the grandeur of pink sunsets is just that, a simple canvas is just what we all need here tonight.

As usual, it has been a few days since I began my blog.  Rather than a clear sky, I am hearing the raindrops playing pizzicato on our deck.  Actually, the articulations of the rain  this morning varies from legato, staccato to almost some marcato.   You don’t live in a house with a musician and not learn these musical terms!   Since I am not a voracious reader, I will probably daydream all day with a random selection of music.   I do not have the option to listen to  live saxophone since Nancy will be off teaching saxophone somewhere else.   Ah, my dreams are not even such that I will even care to share this lovely morning, for I encourage you all to have your own dreams.

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