Purple Lips and Bubbles, June 7, 2024

Purple Lips and Bubbles, June 7, 2024

Yesterday,  we were  playing fetch with Nancy in the back yard.  Suddenly,  she bent over to give me a kiss on my nose.   I was thinking hey, let’s just play and  no mushy stuff when I jolted up to run.   But, instead I slammed my bony head into Nancy’s jaw causing her to bite her lower lip.     For a minute I was afraid she lost a  tooth.   With her  lower lip bleeding,   she  went to grab a kleenex.  Immediately, I was relieved that she did not have any saxophone/clarinet students for the next few days as  her lip soon turned purple.    At first, she kept saying “Oh Harmony, it’s OK, you didn’t mean to slam into my jaw and cause this accident.”  I was like, hello, I knew it was not my fault so quit dwelling on this and let’s play already!

Isn’t it interesting how we can  take an accident and choose to keep a sound perspective!   Immediately I knew that the decision to mow the lawn yesterday  rather than waiting until Saturday was a no brainer.   There was no way Nancy was going anywhere with her purple lip, so that left her only one choice.   Yup, she would mow the lawn and avoid any public scrutiny.    Besides, how would she explain her purple lip?   She could not possibly say, “Harmony caused me to bite my lower lip when I kissed her nose.”  People already think she is too obsessed with me.   Such a difficult conundrum this would prove to be if her purple lip appeared for view!

As I prepare for another day of adventure, I am really excited to have those two adorable girls visit me again.  Apparently, one of our plans to entertain the girls today is to blow  bubbles outside.    While we could make the bubble solution at home, for this initial experience, Nancy chose to buy the bubble stuff.   Check out the floating bubbles.

One thought on “Purple Lips and Bubbles, June 7, 2024

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Nancy’s tragedy. I hope she heals quickly. That brings back memories of when our dog Ike did the same thing to me. He, like you Harmony, would just carry on. Such hard heads you have! And I thought of Ike too when you mentioned bubbles. That was one of his favorite summer activities – chasing bubbles and popping them, much like a kid! Except that he’d bark and carry on until he caught every single one. And then he’d bark for more! I hope you were able to have fun with the bubbles, along with the girls today, Harmony. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hoping Nancy has a speedy recovery!

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