Mostly Groomed! May 20, 2024

Mostly Groomed! May 20, 2024

There are many reasons why I like to be groomed.  Of course, there is the obvious reason to shed my long coat for the summer months.  But, then there is that bonding time with Nancy.   Long ago, I realized that it is therapy session for her to groom me.   It is not as though we chat much while she grooms me, we just enjoy each other’s companionship.     I wonder how many humans are dog people because  they don’t feel it necessary to carry on long and laborious conversations with us?    Think about it, your closest friends whether dogs or humans simply allow silence to speak volumes!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are aware  that my grooming usually extends over days or weeks.  Quite a compliment to me, since I do require constant attention during the process. Can you imagine if Nancy jolted during grinding my paw nails?  Either I would have my hair twisted in the sander or it could tangle Nancy’s hair nearby?    Any dog that is groomed by Nancy better have a sense of humor!   I don’t remember how it happened when I noticed a chunk of hair was missing in my tail.   I am so eager to see how that tail mishap will be repaired and if it will be repaired?   Knowing my silly companion, I hope she doesn’t add purple or other colors for extensions in my tail?  My guess is my tail will just become trimmed shorter?

Now that I am groomed, I can really jump higher when playing fetch.   Finally,  I can also go on longer walks.   The other day, I was miffed when Nancy turned around to head back home when it was humid and hot outside.  No more excuses will be tolerated for short walks!  Besides, I have to get more exercise to train for those adorable little girls to visit us again this Friday!

2 thoughts on “Mostly Groomed! May 20, 2024

  1. Looking great Harmony! I too am going to get groomed today and can’t wait. I hope I can jump higher, like you, after my grooming! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. You look beautiful, no matter where the grooming process is at the moment! That’s what I like about dogs – they always act like they and all their friends are beautiful. Some show dogs who are almost perfect in appearance act the same as any old mongrel they encounter – there is no judgement or heirarchy in their worlds. That’s one reason I love you dogs. I always say that one reason I have dogs is that I can talk to them all the time. They don’t answer but sort of pretend to be interested and follow me around all day. Where else can you find an interested by-stander who might find what you are doing interesting, amusing, down-right stupid or just plain normal. LOVE all you dogs.

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