Chiming In! May 6, 2024

Chiming In! May 6, 2024

The chimes are hung up above  the deck with the winds directing the tunes right through the open screen windows.   It must be rather windy out there.   Between the cricket sounds, I hear the cover on the barbecue grill flapping.   At times the chimes are only singing one note.  Other times, the chords reminisce of  familiar harmonies.    To my ears, it seems that many of the chime’s melodies never quite come to a resolution.   Maybe that is the purpose of the chimes, to constantly learn the impact of anticipating  the next notes.

Please forgive me, for now Nancy “chimed” in to suggest that I write about our lovely new walking trails.  Just when I was starting to lull myself to sleep from those lovely chimes in between paragraphs, I was shaken.     I didn’t know that she was reading over me while I was writing my blog.    I suppose I should not be too surprised since we are together almost 24/7.   Strange,  now, the chimes  sounds are barely singing.  Oh, I am to write about our new walks here anyway.

Nancy’s exact quote was “enough is enough of my excuse about my broken foot,  we must get walking again!”   You know her, always trying to lose some pounds that creep back if she is not walking. So, we walk fast!   I absolutely love digesting  in all the new aromas of this area, from the lake nearby to the flowers starting to bloom.  No longer do we have the  loud noise of constant cars whizzing past us; but, we mostly have the trails to ourselves.  Ah, such a peaceful day!


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