May 4, 2024

May 4, 2024

How often do you order something and when it arrives, you are like “what, did I just order that?” Well, that is what happened here recently. Nancy thought she was ordering me a  new noise ball that ended up being three times  as large as she thought.   I   placed the large ball  on the floor to learn of the ball’s actual purpose and performance.    My first thought was, whoa, this is way cool!

As long as we are watching a Minnesota Twin’s game on TV, it is  pertinent to share that I also got a new rubber baseball.   Did you know that years ago, Louie  (a sibling that lived here until he left for heaven) played baseball with  guests at times?  You know what this means, don’t you!?  I suppose with our bigger backyard, I may be able to play baseball too!   Of course, I can’t bat; but, I can play outfield to catch  my new rubber baseball.

We all have our own talents.   While Louie  played baseball, I know one thing, we are not compared around here.  Besides, it is a good thing that we have been studying humility these past days in our readings.   Though, us dogs don’t really need lessons on being humble like humans.  Whoops, that does not sound like humility, does it?!   John R. W. Stott said, “Pride is your greatest enemy, humility is your greatest friend.”  Sometimes, I am sure thankful that I am not wired like humans, just saying!

One thought on “May 4, 2024

  1. Sorry Harmony but I believe humility is over rated these days and in some writings and current thought. Just returned from my grandson’s college graduation and it is an accomplishment I feel should be celebrated! Not just by by-standers and family but by the person who put forth the effort to earn that diploma. Sorry – but humility is not my strong suit. God has been trying to teach it to me for a LONG time now with various obvious lessons (in failure, stumbling and the like) but I just am not learning it yet. I am old now so don’t believe it will ever be a part of my psyche, even though it should be. I don’t believe in feeling superior to others but neither should we feel “less-than” – ever! If you done good, BE PROUD!

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