My Pillow, April 18, 2024

My Pillow, April 18, 2024

Today I’m gonna tell you about the  (new) little pillow Nancy found at an estate sale for me.  Apparently, she thought that Greg would like it when he’s taking a nap. But soon we started to share the pillow.  I know cute right?! Soon,  I claimed  it as my own.  There are other pillows on the couch; but, they certainly are not as functional as this pillow. People seem to waste a lot of money on decorative pillows, in my own dog opinion.

Consider all the dogs out there that don’t get any kind of pillow much less a dog bed. Nor do they have  a chance to share their human’s bed. I know that my situation is rather  rare.  I am pampered around here, but I think from my blogs, you noticed that I pamper my humans too. You may ask how do I pamper my  humans? For instance, as they both get older, they both take naps and I  occasionally  pamper them by taking a nap with them.  By allowing Nancy to clean my ears and teeth, I pamper her  because she thinks it’s therapeutic.  I know weird, right?  Perhaps I’m sharing way too much personal information about our household today?   But, at least it is  new information right?  Enough of that word right, right now!

Now that we (ha, they)  are done with the  taxes, Nancy is determined to focus on practicing her instruments.   Don’t worry, I think she will bring my new pillow to her studio for me.    I wish she would recruit more saxophone and clarinet students on-line because I really love listening to her TRY  to motivate her students.   Young people are really interesting and let me think, what’s that word you humans use, oh yah, kids are cool!

My pillow is calling me!

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