Rainy Days! April 17, 2024

Rainy Days! April 17, 2024

When it is constantly raining outside, because it should never rain inside, I catch up on my nappying skills.   While I realize that I could get some research done for future blogs?   May I remind you that us dogs are not wired to be that organized?!    I simply wake up each day and follow Nancy to the patio door after my collar is secured around my neck.   I eat if I am hungry, followed by my patience  for my ball fetching or walk.

This rain is making me feel rather poetric, though I am not a poet!

the fresh spring rains lull me to sleep

while the new blooms on the trees sway

rest up, for spring is making an entrance
birds are lining up to sing as I dance
choreographing my stage entrances
in my dreams to the raindrop rhythms
prancing and twirling around in my head
ah this dream is actually this dog’s reality

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