Tea and Clouds, April 15, 2024

Tea and Clouds, April 15, 2024

I am not even sure what I will write about as I start typing this blog.   Nancy always says “just start placing your paws on the keys and they will tell your story”  so here I am.   Greg is watching a new Star Wars movie and Nancy is doing her weekly bed sheet laundry.   I know, it is not always about me, right?  I think that is rather  liberating to know that they have a life set apart from me.  I suppose I could resort to watching Star Wars with Greg, but, it is just not my thing.

Yesterday, Nancy attended an event that is totally contrary to her introverted character.    She took a friend to the Ladies Afternoon Tea at their new country church.    Even though she is usually not a tea drinker, she reported the teas were delicious.   I am simply relaying to you what she experienced.  First, they served  delectable   little appetizers, including scones with one tea.  Secondly, they served dessert treats with a different tea.  According to Nancy, it was one of the loveliest women’s events she has ever attended.    My guess is that this afternoon tea is simply another excuse humans have for a reason to “socialize” and yup, eat and drink.   You may ask what ever did Greg and I  do while the women attended a tea?  Well, we watched the Minnesota Twin’s baseball game.

While it was a gorgeous weekend, I do look forward to cooler weather the next few days.   Perhaps, we will get some spring rains.  As I rest my head on the sofa to further contemplate  this blog, the screen window open allows me a glimpse of what is to come.  The birds are pulling me away from finishing this blog with their lovely songs.   Now, the birds are scurrying off to prepare for the rains approaching under the dark clouds.   Time for my first nap of the day under the cloudy sky.






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