Laundry, April 6, 2024

Laundry, April 6, 2024

Here is to a weekend of taking advantage of a broken down washing machine.   Even though I did not get to go to the laundromat with Nancy, I still was able to enjoy hanging up the laundry at the farm. Talk about a therapeutic exercise for Nancy, whoa, I don’t even know where to begin on this one.   As a  child she would be sent out to hang out laundry on the wash lines.   Let’s just say it wasn’t anyone’s favorite task.  But, oh today, you would have thought that her Mom came down from Heaven to visit her as she hung the laundry on those farm wash lines. Seriously, she was in another world!

Nancy was trying to smell that familiar smell of fresh laundry from the clothes line. I reminded her that the air is not as fresh anymore. Gosh, we can seek out all those familiar sounds, smells and views.   What matters is that we keep the  revived memories alive.

I love the farm fresh air and the continued peace at the farm.  As I stood on the hillside while Nancy hung the wash, contentment overwhelmed me. But wait – I am a dog,  after all,  and I am content all the time as long as I’m with Nancy and Greg.

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  1. I too have fond memories of the fresh smells of laundry. I always wondered how the laundry never picked up some of the nasty farm smells? I chuckle too when I think about how some of the towels my mom hung out would be stiff as boards because she didn’t use fabric softener other than dryer sheets. And how hanging a piece of laundry in the sun could remove smells and make whites whiter. It’s still amazing to me what the natural world can do!

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