Snow Symphony, March 26, 2024

Snow Symphony, March 26, 2024

If I were a howling dog, I would certainly be howling this morning about our current weather!  Most dogs howl to get attention and announce their presence.   Fortunately, I have never had to resort to howling to get attention as I think that would  be rude.  I suppose I could try to sing  Happy Birthday to Nancy this week, though  it may be considered howling.   Perhaps I could simply open the patio doors to allow the winds to sing her a birthday song?

May I describe to you the landscape that I am experiencing right before my eyes this morning.   The dancing snowfall is creating beautiful shimmers of white floaters through the air.  The tree branches are vehemently opposing this nature symphony trying to perform before our eyes.   Some lone strands of snow try to do solo performances without the large snow clusters drowning them out.   The white sky is a vast array of white clouds meshed together to create a sound board for the symphony I myself am creating.

Ah, the beautiful snowfall and winds are now making me rather sleepy, so I best finish my blog swiftly here.  Besides, sometimes I invent my  upcoming blog ideas from my dreams.   That should not be a surprise to any of you since you hear us make our dreaming sounds while sleeping.   I sure appreciate it when I am not awakened when I am in the middle of a good dream.    I sure hope this snowy day allows you to dream a bit too.  Sit back and listen to the symphony being played over your landscape this very day!


2 thoughts on “Snow Symphony, March 26, 2024

  1. This weather sure has given us Minnesotans something to talk about! I guess this year, March is going out like a Lion, as humans like to say. It has been fun to see the snow pictures and the pictures of all of Nancy’s dogs from the past. I had never heard of Calvin! I hope you are enjoying the snow and the beautiful landscape. And Happy Burrrrthday to Nancy! A dog singing happy birthday would be fun to hear even if it sounds like howling! Have a wonderful Easter!

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