Incognito! February 29, 2024

Incognito! February 29, 2024

I may be allowed to accompany Nancy to a small ensemble rehearsal  and private music lessons this Saturday?   So I am wondering why there would be any hesitation since  “HELLO” I am  quiet as a mouse.  Besides, if I were a mouse and appeared during a small ensemble, imagine the outcome.    Musicians would throw up their instruments as they scurried from me.   Worse yet, they would try to step on me and that would just be gross.   If I were a mouse, their focus on their music would come to jolt if they saw me.

But, I am not a mouse.  Rather, I am a dog that would sit listening to the music and encourage  harmony.  Oh wait, that is my name, Harmony.   Well then, there you go!   However did Jill (my breeder) know that by choosing my name, I would be allowed to sit in harmony one day during a music rehearsal and lessons?    After all, when Nancy is teaching on-line, I sit in her office and the students don’t even notice that I am there.

This brings me to my next point.  Do you like to go somewhere and not be noticed and take in the beauty of the event and then slip away too?  Well, I try to do that, really, I do try.  While I don’t think of myself as pretty, I just seem to attract attention wherever I go.   My conclusion, is that it isn’t that I am pretty, it is that I don’t judge anyone and that is what attracts them.

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