A Rather Mundane Week! February 21, 2024

A Rather Mundane Week! February 21, 2024

Not that you should know the details; but, I was pretty sick last week.  Even though the tests came back negative, I still  have a sensitive stomach.  Perhaps we have to be sick occasionally, to fully appreciate good health?!   The medicines that Dr. Andy gave me on Thursday seemed to have helped me for now. Seriously, I was hoping I would get some food changes when I was ill.  I didn’t even receive chicken noodle soup or new treats. 

But, since I began this blog, I have fully recuperated.  Our long walks in our new neighborhood has begun.   You may recall that in the fall, we did not do our long walks because of Nancy’s broken foot.  Rather, we were able to play fetch in the backyard because “hello” we did not have any snow.   I so appreciate the new distractions on our walks from viewing new landscapes of homes to  the open fields we prance by.

In conclusion, I guess I could simply say that life at my house has been rather uneventful.   Unless of course, you want to consider that our grill is finally working again or Nancy’s need for new walking shoes?   Yup, I was right, pretty boring, huh!    Let me share a bit of my secret however to break the boredom streak.    I am reading all of the past writings since 2006 of the other standard poodles that have lived with my family.    I may or may not be outlining a draft of the possibility to write a book since I am only 8.5 years old  and yes, I need my goals for the rest of my life.   On slow weeks as this, I seek a way to not give in to any mundane, humdrum existence!

When mundane happens, get creative and get moving!

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