Happy Valentine’s Day! 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day! 2024

Seriously, you humans have a day set aside to say to your loved ones that you love them?   Happy Valentine’s Day anyway, EVERY SINGLE DAY you should tell them  you love them!  Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not your “kill joy” type, except when I see that it is the retailers making ton of money off of you all.   Why not just randomly pick a day to show someone that you love them?

I suppose we are a bit hyprocrtical at our home since Nancy went overboard again making her Valentine sugar cookies.  But, in her defense, she did say she was way overdue in gifting some cookies to my Vet Clinic.   OK, enough about the material matters of showing love.

If any of you even question if us dogs can love, please allow me to enlighten you today, on Valentine’s Day.     Better yet, check out a great article I found at DailyPaws.com  with many facts (yes, I know some of you need facts instead of believing a dog) called “Do Dogs Love us? Understanding Emotions in Dogs” at   https://www.dailypaws.com/living-with-pets/pet-owner-relationship/do-dogs-love-us-understanding-emotions-in-dogs.    Basically, the article says, HELLO, yes dogs LOVE and feel love, so stop analyzing and enjoy the love bonds you can enjoy with a dog.

I will definitely keep  the  Daily Paws  website saved for future articles.   My favorite part in the article was  “There are other signs from outside the brain. Japanese researchers found higher levels of oxytocin—the so-called “love hormone”—in dogs and their owners after they spent time looking into each other’s eyes.  The findings suggest we have a bond with our dogs the same way mothers and infants have.”    Wow, that is huge because human babies are so so precious and to make a statement like that is rather mind blowing, right?

I know that I am loved so much at my home AND I love them  so much too.  Look into the eyes of your loved ones today so they can see and feel your love!   I love my readers and maybe we should have a zoom session one day to see all of your beautiful eyes, smiles and love.


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