Super Bowl Sunday, February 11, 2024

Super Bowl Sunday, February 11, 2024

I suppose you are eager to learn what I think of Super Bowl Sunday?   Well, even if you are not curious, I am going to share my thoughts anyway, so here it goes.    First of all, I think any event that brings people and their pets together is worth celebrating.   Some may be watching the actual football game, while others are watching just for the expensive TV ads.

Secondly,  who doesn’t like a gathering that seems to focus on food, rather than the actual event?    Take for instance attending a concert.    One goes to listen to great music and that is enough, no food required (at least, according to Nancy).  But, in order to entice people to watch football, everyone seems to need food as a bribe.   There you go, I said it and now, you know my companion’s (Nancy) opinion.    The truth is, Greg and I will be watching the Super Bowl game and cheering.

Thirdly, it is a few more hours when  those that don’t want to watch the Super Bowl game can  capture time to work on their taxes.   Seriously, every year I have witnessed Nancy close her office door and grind through tax data to send to her accountant.   OK, so this year she may sit at the kitchen table so she can catch the ads.

In conclusion to what I think of Super Bowl Sunday is that it seems to bring a lot of people some joy.  So, go for joy instead of complaining about the salaries of those football players.   Choose joy even if you don’t like the half-time shows.  Oh, and remember this, you can always take your dogs out for a long walk during the Super Bowl and then, bring them home for a super meal in that super bowl, called a dog dish!


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday, February 11, 2024

  1. For those that aren’t football fans or are happy to skip the halftime show, there’s always the Puppy Bowl! What’s not to love about adorable puppies running around? And funny, I started on taxes yesterday – Nancy and I must be thinking alike! Looking forward to some funny commercials tonight!

    1. Happy Valentine’s week Dana! I think they did not represent enough dog’s interests in the Super Bowl ads. Have a lovely week Dana!

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