February 9, 2024

February 9, 2024

You won’t hear me complaining, especially in this blog.   But, whoa this schizophrenic weather is getting quite interesting lately, don’t you think?  I suppose if Nancy needs to be dilgent about finishing up her tax data for her accountant, then, let it rain.   I can rest on the couch for hours  watching  her for hours because “hello” we are kind of attached  to each other if you have not noticed.

With this move in the past year comes much trepidation trying to creep in at times.   Silly things like, the Vet is so far away or  how will Nancy get to Trader Joes for my favorite treats.  But then, it all subsides when I see those sunrises each morning.   Even   I remind myself of  the hope coming from those masterpieces each day.

Finally, the arduous  task of my grooming is almost done.   Last time I had my toenails ground down, we sat by the patio doors with sheets protecting from the dust.  But, we have to wait until Greg is busy because he wants my toenails ground in the garage.   Ah, the minor challenges in my life are so  trivial.  While I know that Nancy loves to groom me, I am extremely patient with her amateur grooming!   Oh no, I am not complaining, just saying!


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