Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love that our fall season has extended far into November this year!   We filled many bags of leaves to cart away this week.  OK, so maybe I did not help; but, I was the moral support while Nancy performed the mundane job of bagging leaves.    Of course, I was tempted to run through those piles of leaves that the backpack blower built!   If you don’t recall, I am a good dog, so I  went around the pile.

Gosh, here it is already one week after I started this blog. Today is Thanksgiving already!  Happy Thanksgiving!    I can add so much to my blog for I am so so grateful.   Just like so many of my human friends, I am thankful for the same things.   I am so thankful for a home and the love from my family and friends. Dog walks, dog toys, car rides, treats and how can I forget my special place on the couch and belly rubs are right up there too.   Most of all, I like being  noticed and so so loved by my human companions.

My readers are another one of my gratitudes!  Thank YOU readers for being there.  Thank you for the comments you leave me.   I am certain that if I met each of you, I would love you.    Now, I am to tell you that Nancy will be sending out a Thanksgiving message to you later, not through the blog.  She too is so so thankful for my blog readers.


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