Fresco and Ham Radio, November 10, 2023

Fresco and Ham Radio, November 10, 2023

Sometimes, even us dogs become a bit upset when we feel left out.   Yesterday, Nancy had the privilege to meet a friend’s dog, named Fresco. But, I was left at home!  I suppose she could have chosen to keep it a secret about her new dog friend, but NO!   All she kept talking about was how obedient and energetic Fresco is and how much I will love him too when I meet him.  So now, I am allowed to daydream about my first encounter with Fresco.  Hopefully, it will be next week when we all work to bring down Greg’s 70 foot ham radio tower.

I am not so familiar with the hobby of amateur radio, better known as ham radio.   Both Nancy and Greg have the highest license of “extra class” for  ham radio.    Rather than having me try to explain what it is, allow me to add this video to explain ham radio (below).

I look forward to meeting Fresco next week.   I have also included the photo that Nancy shared with me of Fresco – being a good dog, of course!

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