Perspective Checks: October 16, 2023

Perspective Checks: October 16, 2023

Us dogs have a way of nudging  our  humans to perform those perspective checks.    Whenever I notice a change in Nancy’s voice or demeanor, I instantly go into my work mode.  Sometimes, it can be rather interesting how I approach these rather delicate situations.    Oh sure, she can change her voice to try to disguise from me all is  OK; but HELLO, I am a trained therapy dog.   Well, maybe I don’t have the proper paper work as a therapy dog, you simply have to trust me as my experience with my humans has given me the certification far beyond any classes. 

Recently, Nancy hurt her foot somehow  and the x-ray shows  a broken foot.   There is such a long wait to see a Podiatrist, that her awesome general doctor ordered her a boot to wear.   However, that seemed to make it worse and the suggestion was made to stay off of that foot entirely.   You guessed it, that can’t happen for Nancy to be immobile, especially when it comes to me getting my own exercise.  OK, I am a bit selfish here!

I think we are all in the  emergency creative mode at the moment.  Perhaps we can rent an automatic ball thrower like they use in tennis or baseball?   Gosh, that would be so cool as I would get quite the workout, wouldn’t I?   I could even assist and place the balls back into the machine.    I suppose I better not get too excited or Nancy will think I am pleased that she injured her foot?    For now, my job is to simply keep their perspectives in check!


One thought on “Perspective Checks: October 16, 2023

  1. So Harmony, your walks don’t have to stop just because Nancy needs to not put pressure on her foot so it can heal. I had a foot fracture and had to get a knee scooter. That was when we still had Ike, and you may recall that I was Ike’s dog walker and he needed 5+ miles of walking/day. So, he learned to walk with me on the knee scooter! Thankfully it was during the summer and fall, but we had great adventures. One time he wanted to run, so I let him go and scootered behind him (he was kind of pulling me). I’m sure people thought we were crazy but we had a great time and he got his exercise! Now I wouldn’t want you to run with Nancy on a knee scooter but because you’re so well-trained, I’m you’d walk nicely along side her. I’m praying that her foot heals soon!

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