September 30, 2023

September 30, 2023

The leaves are falling in  a grand splendor of fall colors.  I suppose by now I should know all the different types of leaves that I am walking over?   But, instead I have to listen to Nancy’s Paris memories of the rainy weather in Paris.  According to Nancy, it rained a lot in Paris and it has been raining a lot here too.    Can’t I just enjoy something without hearing Nancy babble on and on about Paris for once?  Why don’t we visit Paris?

Here it is after the first Paris rains and it is raining again.   The weather is going to clear up to be almost 80 degrees this afternoon.   Even though we tossed out our geranium pot on the deck, we continue to enjoy the miracle petunia garden under the deck.    I absolutely love checking the change in that petunia display each morning.   The backyard is covered with a layer of leaves which means I will probably hear a backpack blower this weekend to blow the leaves away.     No humans or me want to step in my dog poop!   Hey, just saying like it is!

A few weeks ago, Nancy made a silly mistake of giving away her “favorite” DVD’s instead of those she could part with to her nephew.    You may ask, well what were those DVD’s?   They were  the Bob Newhart collections  and Mary Tyler Moore shows among other series and movies.  By the time she realized it, her nephew had  given many away.   When Nancy finally thought, “well, hopefully someone will be blessed by those DVD’s with a relaxing time of either peace or laughter” she could let  her senior moment go.

Humans  need to let go of “things” and only hold on to the memories that those “things” brought us. I wonder when was the last time she had watched any of those DVD’s anyway?    Oh, I guess they had watched a bit of Bob Newhart.  Even I think Bob Newhart is funny.    He always has these one liners that leaves me/us in laughter.     So there, I hope someone is enjoying some laughter this very weekend over those accidental DVD’s she gave away.   Now, she can give away the other huge box that was not intended to keep and we will free up even more space on those shelves.

If any of my readers have stories of unexpected giveaways or receiving, why not share with me and our readers.  I will be watching my basket of dog toys and balls to make sure she does not give any of those away.  OK, so I am a dog and I like my toys!  No, I will not include a photo of my basket of balls/toys because then, you would know some of us are hoarders of some things.    HA!






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  1. Paris sounds wonderful, doesn’t it Harmony? It must have been a very special place to Nancy if she shares those memories with you. I have never been to Paris either but it’s definitely a destination on our future travel list.

    It’s hard for humans to let go of things I think because the object reminds us of memories and we’re afraid of losing the memory if we don’t have the object. I’ve tried taking pictures of things before I give them away and that helps me. It’s something I’m still working on and an area for improvement! No unexpected giveaways here but I did just give a Halloween dog collar to one of my coworkers who just got a new dog. The next day he showed me a picture of his dog wearing the collar – he was so happy! And that made my heart happy, knowing another dog could enjoy that collar as much as Ike had. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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