September 19, 2023 “To Each Their Own” Acorn Art

September 19, 2023 “To Each Their Own” Acorn Art

How about some squirrel acorn artwork for my blog today!   I know perfectly well that the acorn art that was left on our driveway may not impress many of you.   So, I would like to introduce you to “to each their own” concept, applicable to my choice of art.  As some of you are aware, us dogs have to look up things on the internet too!    I found an article by Hannah Yang who wrote this.  ““To each their own” means that every individual has the right to their own preferences.  The phrase is a literal translation of the Latin phrase suum cuique. It’s unclear exactly when the idiom rose to popularity in English, but it’s certainly been in use since Shakespeare’s time, as Polonius says “to each their own” in Macbeth.”     Good, now I hopefully got the attention of Nancy’s sister, Joyce, an expert in Shakespeare.  Hi Joyce!

Of course, everyone can see that the squirrels chewed half the acorn and left the rest on the twig.   I will take the positive approach  and choose to say thank you squirrels for the beautiful acorn art that you left us.  Yup, we can choose how to look at everything in our life.  I hope that at our home, I help my human companions to find the positive when they seem to only see the negative (sorry Nancy).

Who needs a psychologist when they have me!   Oh gosh, did I really just say that?   Actually, it is Nancy who constantly gives me some of the credit for finding her way back to the positive in the negative.   Just think of all the money I save her, right?   Oh, now that means that perhaps she will buy me those yummy treats from Chewy soon.     I must admit that have ulterior motives sometimes!   Time for treats!


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