September 15, 2023

September 15, 2023

As the back door was opened for me this morning, the heavy rain soon pushed me back inside the house.    Gosh, I can wait to go pee if it means listening to the beautiful sounds of rain.    I could not even remember the last time it had rained with such a lovely orchestration of heavy raindrops?   There I was on the couch, lulling myself back to sleep to the rhythm of the rain.

Of course, I eventually got up from the couch because, HELLO, how else could I write my blog this week? It has been a very busy week around here.   But, why would I share that with you because everyone  is too busy nowadays.   Nancy says, “Once a farm girl, always a farm girl!”   So, she loves getting up by 5:30 to have time alone,  Today, the added bonus is the beautiful rain.

I sure am thankful that I don’t have the horrible allergies that Nancy has this year.    She said it is the ragweed surrounding us because it clears up when she goes to her teaching location.   If I didn’t know about her allergies, I could be mistaken and think she had been crying about her lack of saxophone practice lately or something?  Just a few days ago, a five minute encounter with a new melody has seemed to energize her through this allergy season and whatever else.   You see, it doesn’t take much time for someone to change a bad attitude or bad day, right?!    “Keep singing the sounds” is what Nancy says and I say, OK, I will keep wagging my tail to your singing!

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