September 7, 2023

September 7, 2023

It has been awhile since I wrote my blog.  I was groomed just before the extreme hot days set in.    I feel  rather sprightly with my shaved body.   But I must admit, I will be searching for my fleece coats soon.   At least it is cool enough now to have my long toe nails ground down in the garage.    By now, you may be thinking, “Gosh, is Harmony’s life that boring that she is talking about toenail grinding?”

No, my life is not boring at all.  In fact, just remember that I don’t tell you everything that is happening in  our home.    That would be a serious breach of confidence with my companions.  Besides, I have to leave some information for your creative imaginations!  So, I choose to tell you about some mundane routines around here because HELLO, I can.   At least I don’t share with you about my companion’s grooming.  Now, that would be pathetic!

I suppose my surprise petunias will soon wilt under the deck?   They sure were a welcome sight each morning.   We also have enjoyed the farm animals across the street lately.   Nancy won’t let me go in the fenced in pen, so I am stuck watching the ducks  frolicking  in the water without me.   If you think my bark is loud, it is nothing compared to the sounds emitted by  the rooster’s crow.  I am including  photo of the ducks because I can’t seem to upload the video via WordPress.

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