August 28, 2023

August 28, 2023

What is it about Monday mornings that leave us feeling rather lethargic, when the weekends are to revitalize us for the week?  I don’t know about you all since I rarely hear from many of you?   I just know that I can usually shake that lack of energy once I go for my morning walk.  Until then, I am stuck trying to muster up something for an overdue blog.

A blog that if we are being honest here, may not be read by many.  To which I  say to those reading are “quality rather than quantity!”  Readers of my blog,  true friends are rare!   They are those that you may not see often, though you are always there for each other.  In a crisis, they listen and just hang out with you.  Often, there are no words, necessary.

Take for instance my short visit with Brie (Nancy’s niece’s dog)  last week.   She just knows that she can be herself when she visits.   She too liked our pop-up petunia garden under the deck.  Mostly, she liked how she could just plop herself in our home however and wherever she wanted to sit.  I am not sure who is more spoiled by her companions, me or her?!   But hey, who is keeping track!

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