August 19, 2023

August 19, 2023

I fervently believe that  while my blog may not make sense to a lot of humans, I believe it matters to those who  believe.  So many thoughts of us dogs don’t really translate to  human words; but, I certainly try to understand the human language  of at least my human companions.   It is a beautiful day when our connections line up.    For those that never have had  that connection  whether  with a dog, cat, horse or any animal, I am deeply sorry for them.   It isn’t like I sit around thinking about this often.   Perhaps, I am feeling a bit  like a human today.

Silly me, I may be a dog and I am so fine with that.    Now, if only I can help all of my human friends be happy.   Happy in their own skin.  Think about this for a moment.  I suppose I can take some credit that my humans feel good in their own skin because I help them keep things in perspective.

On a different note, I just had take photos of the lovely petunias that keep blooming in our rocky soil under our deck.  As I mentioned in a recent blog, we have NOT planted petunias for many years. Truly, it is our little nature miracle! Just think, it is under the deck so I can enjoy it while running in the area.  Pretty cool, huh!





2 thoughts on “August 19, 2023

  1. What a wonderful unexpected surprise! this makes me think of a saying “bloom where you’re planted” and even though these flowers weren’t intentionally planted here, they took full advantage of the opportunity. What a great metaphor for life, and maybe we would all be happier if we took that to heart? I hope you have a week filled with beauty and more pleasant surprises!

    1. Likewise to you, Dana! I hope you are enjoying these beautiful days of summer. Thank you for all of your wise and heart-warming comments!

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