Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 8

Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 8

Have you ever heard a new musical composition on the radio and felt that Pure Joy seep through your veins?   That is how I felt when I was riding along in the car yesterday when this beautiful piece came over the car stereo.    It was so beautiful that I had to nudge Nancy to pay more attention to her driving.  She too was so mesmerized by Chopin’s  Fantasy on Polish Airs.  I have noticed that at our house, we seem to have  a lot of Chopin recordings, so it was not a real shock that we like this music.

I suppose because Nancy is a musician, I tend to experience Pure Joy through a lot of music.    Pure Joy comes when we sometimes least expect it like in learning of the new Chopin piece.  I find it intriguing how different music will trigger Pure Joy in both humans and animals.   Take for example when I am listening to music I like while driving to suddenly have it turned off.   I feel this sudden “ouch” with no explanation.    Other times, I am forced to listen to music Nancy likes when I am cringing inside.   But, the Chopin, we both loved and it really was Pure Joy to both of us.
Seriously, I could do all Ten Days of Pure Joy on our favorite Pure Joy music.  Just saying!   Music really is magical when you think about it.  Even though it may sound a bit sappy to say what Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said “Music is the universal language of mankind.” It is so valid for me, this dog too!  So, since I tend to keep my blogs short, my advice to you today is to go and listen to your music that brings you PURE JOY!

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  1. This post definitely resonates with me. For as far back as I can remember, a song could instantly change my mood. I still tear up every singe time I hear “Amazing Grace” because I think of my grandmother and all the grand adventures we shared. Songs from high school take me back to crazy times with friends and even today, certain rhythms still make me want to dance along. Music is definitely a source of pure joy for me and I hope that’s the case for your other readers too! Here’s to a musical day!

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