Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 6

Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 6

Gosh, I realize that I should just post a Pure Joy every single day!   This being Day 6 of my Ten Days of Pure Joy is one that may be rather controversial for some of you.  Recently, someone close to Nancy suggested that I may not be quite a normal dog?    I think they were also insinuating that my companions also are not quite normal either?! Yup, to me that is part of my PURE JOY because we have never felt quite “normal” and Greg says, “Besides, “normal”  is just a setting on the clothes dryer!”

I suppose many of you have come to a conclusion deduced from all of my writings.   So, if you think this dog is not quite normal, I don’t really care. My only mission is to keep things lighthearted which was Louie’s legacy.   When has anyone benefited anyhow from comparisons? Why would anyone even say I am not a normal dog?  For starters, hello, I do write a blog!   Then, there is the mere fact that I observe and care about you humans and make that pretty obvious in my blogs.    Maybe some view me as not a normal dog, because I suppose I am not so normal.

Truthfully, if I sound like I am talking in circles, even my head is spinning. So, you ask what is the Pure Joy then of Day 6? It is a Pure Joy to not worry about being normal….to just be!  If only humans didn’t compare themselves to others.   Pure Joy would happen more often!  So today, don’t be normal, be yourself!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! And how does one even define “normal”? I always told our kids normal is overrated. Just be yourselves and be accepting of others, quirks and all. It’s our goofiness that makes life fun and colors our world. Here’s to the pure joy in the quirkiness that makes us all unique!

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