Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 5

Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 5

There are so many Pure Joy moments both in my life and my human’s lives.  Today, for Day 5,  you may decide I am being lazy after you see my Pure Joy?!   Look, today that same vibrant pink petunia from yesterday, showed up in purple today.   What?   I guess I never said that the Pure Joy each day had to be different than the day before, right?  Besides, once you experience Pure Joy, should we not try to keep replicating such JOY?

I suppose my Pure Joy is never going to be the same as any other living human or being, whether a dog or any other animal?  Some may walk by the petunia and have no reaction.  While I myself may be Pure Joy for my home companions, others may not sense anything from me. (I know, they are actually in denial that I am one walking dog of Pure Joy.)  No worries.

Pure Joy is  unique to each individual.  Just because we  are getting excited about a home run during a Minnesota Twin’s game certainly doesn’t mean I expect you to feel the same happiness from such.   Some may only feel the Pure Joy when they themselves are hitting the home run HA!    By the way, did you know that Louie actually played baseball once with Nancy’s great niece?  I suppose I should try that sometime as well.  By now, you are deducing that at this very moment we are all watching the Minnesota Twin’s game.   Yup, this dog can multi-task!  Play ball!!!

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