Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 4

Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 4

Pure joy is often purely simple. Take for instance the vibrant pink petunia I stumbled upon in recent days. We had not planted petunias  for  many years.  (Yes, us dogs are very aware of our surroundings!)   Not only was the  petunia growing under our deck,  it was in the midst of rocky soil,

There I was playing fetch from the front and back yards, when I noticed the bright pink petunia.   There was a petunia   NOT  looking lonely by itself; but rather, it seemed to shout “Be the one that stands out for PURE JOY!!!”   So there it was, day 4 of Pure Joy.

This caused me to reminisce about other encounters that seemed out of place.  Like how about the time, a dead fish appeared in our backyard out of no where?   We all figured another bird snatched it out of the nearby lake and plopped it in our yard nearby.  Of course, I just look for orange balls to appear everywhere!   HA! They have not dropped from the sky yet.

So today, look for Pure Joy in unexpected places!

4 thoughts on “Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 4

  1. So Louie, when you found the dead fish in your yard, did you roll on it? I had a dog many years ago named Archibald (after a poet). He would escape from his harness and run down to the beach of the smelly Green Bay, and find a dead carp to roll on. This was pure joy for him, until he had to take a bath later.

    1. Hi there Mary E., Thanks for your comments! It is such a pleasure to meet you here. Gosh, I did not get a chance to get close to that fish in our yard. It sounds like I would have loved your Archibald – a dog with adventures! Hope to read more comments from you often 😉

  2. ” There was a petunia NOT looking lonely by itself; but rather, it seemed to shout “Be the one that stands out for PURE JOY”

    I love that quote and very much relate!

  3. Your days of Joy have been very inspiring and delightful. “Joy” is my favorite word – everyone who knows me well realizes this and my house is filled with things that say JOY and that do bring me joy. I loved the petunia picture and story and again – inspiring to those of us to whom joy is not as easy to come by as it once was. Thank you for reminding me to keep trying for it and looking for it everywhere.

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