Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 3, July 17, 2023

Ten Days of Pure Joy, Day 3, July 17, 2023

Today was the first time I was able to run beside someone that was biking.  I wish there would have been a GoPro to capture my Pure Joy as we sailed down the road.    Oh, Nancy told me to tell you that she would never allow me to go more than a fourth of a mile with her on a bike.  At one point, I was almost dragging her  instead of her braking for me.

I just can’t seem to articulate into words how much fun that was when I was running so carefree.    I suppose I could run that fast if I ran next to Nancy’s marathon brothers when they go running?    For now, Nancy is not much of a runner, so I will nudge her to bike more often, with MOI (me)!  Anyhow, I made sure everyone at home knew I was overjoyed to go for that little adventure today.  Pure joy in both the running next to a bike and discovering something new too!

In the past, Nancy would go on bike rides alone; but, I think I started a new Pure Joy for both of us.   Perhaps pure joy moments are like  “aha” moments, don’t you think?   Pure joy seems to be found in those moments that are priceless, not because they don’t cost money.    Pure joy moments are priceless because when they happen, they are often  unexpected and seriously, they are free of cost.

OK, I better go rest now. That bike run was exhausting too.

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