Ten Days of Pure Joy: Day 2, Fresh Rain

Ten Days of Pure Joy: Day 2, Fresh Rain

As I walked outside the other day, it was pure joy to smell fresh rain.  As many of you already know, us dogs have a far more keen sense of smell than you humans.   According to pawsandclawsvet.com  “Dogs can smell 100,000 times better than humans.” So, it is no small wonder that we can smell rain in the air far sooner than any human.

Of course, I don’t feel the need to expound on our sense of smell since there are a lot of articles written about our gift to smell.   Anyhow, for many reasons, this is why our daily walks are so crucial for us dogs.   It is also why you see so many dogs hang their heads out of cars when they are riding in vehicles.   Just think if humans can smell rain, think about how for us, the smell is extremely poignant.

The smell of rain from this dog’s perspective is vastly simple.   When you walk outside one day and smell the fresh rain, memorize such pure joy for days when you may need  a reminder.   Fresh rain reminds me of all the gifts dropping from the sky to remind me to take in all the fragrances of this earth.  When fresh rain touches  my nose, it cleans my air waves of anything else that may attempt to block my senses.

So, I wonder if you too have sensed pure joy when you smell rain?    I hope you will consider it pure joy the next time you encounter the smell of rain!


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