Ten Days of Pure Joy, July 12, 2023

Ten Days of Pure Joy, July 12, 2023

I think it is time to start  my Ten Days of Pure Joy blogs.   Upon briefly researching “pure joy” I came across a quote from  Robert Ringer, joy is “a moment in time when everything seemed to be just perfect.”    Also, Robert Evans Wilson Jr. said,   “I think of Joy as a pure feeling that falls somewhere on the scale between happiness and ecstasy.”    Now, considering those definitions, of course, I choose to write my ten day blog on PURE JOY!

Recently, I have discovered that I have the gift to navigate people to experience pure joy if they are receptive.   Take for instance when Nancy walked right into that hornet nest, I reminded her to laugh about it rather than fret.    Gosh, that was quite the scene watching her mow right under that hornet nest, totally oblivious to that humongous hornet cave.     I tried to worn her; but, she had her earbuds in and boom.

Seriously, to watch her mow the lawn with those earbuds or AirPods rather, is like watching Bryon Buxton (Minnesota Twins) hit a home run.      Bryon Buxton seems to be one of those teammates that spreads joy, don’t you think?    I can relate to him, always energized during a baseball game.

Hey, and I have witnessed that joy that spreads as she listens to “All Joy, No Stress” by Rhett Walker.  I like to think I have been a big part of spreading pure joy too.   Hello, my name is not Harmony for nothing.   One of my litter mate’s name is Melody.   While I miss her immensely, she is busy spreading “melodies” of pure joy too.

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  1. Pure joy – I love it! In fact, I just listened to a podcast that had a similar theme. The podcast title was “You should have more fun this summer”. It was based on a book called “The Power of Fun” and the premise is that we’re all so tuned into our screens that we don’t notice what truly brings us joy. Listeners are encouraged to push outside of their comfort zones, connect with others, and live life to the fullest. What a concept! And I think it pairs well with this topic of pure joy. And I completely agree that Byron Buxton has a way to show joy in a way that others can also share in it. I hope that we can all go out and let at least one person share in our joy. Wouldn’t that make our world a much better place for us and others? Wishing you joy!

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