Whatever!    Perhaps that is what us dogs tend to  think  when we are asked silly questions by our human companions.  Whatever is what we all say when we don’t want to commit to a reply.  Then, there is the whatever when we want to evade a question.    Whatever is just a great word for whatever! Whatever!

The more I think about it, I don’t like the apathy that seems to be attached to whatever.   Which means I will nudge my humans to  reconsider their choice of those “whatever” moments.   I suppose that my blog’s topics come out of whatever is happening around my home or in my head.   Actually, I think for a dog, I have quite a repertoire of material to choose from so I should not be having so much trouble writing this blog.  Whatever!

Seriously, it was an extremely busy week here. Sorry, nothing I can share except that I did not get to accompany my house mates everywhere.  Sigh!   It wasn’t like I spent my time alone working on my blog.   I think I just tried to remember that I am a dog and it is OK to not think or do much!




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