June 23, 2023

June 23, 2023

Today, I have a choice to either have my final grooming done or write my blog.   Hello, I think you can guess what I decided to do since you are reading this blog.   You see, we would finish that grooming in the very hot garage.   I write my blog in the nicely air conditioned house.   I wonder what most humans and their dogs do when it is so hot outside if they don’t have air conditioning?     Definitely, I am feeling so thankful right now as I contemplate what I will write about today?

As I am writing this blog,  Greg is watching the new movie  Avatar: The Way of Water and Nancy is listening to music with her AirPods connected.  To say it is finally a lazy day here is quite an understatement.    We all need those kinds of days, even us dogs.  Except, it seems that I am the only one NOT being lazy since I am working on my blog.  No fair, right?   OK, let me try to expedite the writing of this  blog so I can be lazy then too!    Besides, the Minnesota Twins don’t play a baseball game until later today, so I will prefer to watch them than this Avatar movie.

Perhaps you could use a really silly knock knock joke that Nancy made up this week?   (I know, now I am stretching for material for my blog today!)  So, here it goes!   Knock Knock.  Who is there?   Walleye   Walleye who?   Walleye (Well, I) just thought I would stop by to say HELLO and  thanks  for reading my blog!

The photo above was taken when I was playing fetch at the farm recently.  You can see why I love it there!

P.S.  Knock-knock   Who’s there?   Tuna  Tuna who?  “tuna, tune-a in to the next blog soon!

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