June 17, 2023

June 17, 2023

I spent quite a bit of time listening to Nancy practice saxophone this week.   Because I love being with her, she allows me to sit by her whenever she practices.   Long tones and scales are even fine with me, though I much prefer  lyrical compositions.  I am forbidden to post any of her playing on my blog so don’t even request such an option.   She was very pleased with Michelle’s work on her saxophone, so that means we are all happy at this house.

This has been “catch-up” week for us for everything.    You know I told you I was getting a bath last week, well, that was yesterday instead.  According to Nancy, taxes are mailed and long overdue paperwork is mostly done and ready to mail.   I am perplexed that our local post office does not allow me entrance into their building!  Oh, and we have not mowed the lawn for almost three weeks and even I am nudging her to do that this weekend.

Apparently my grooming isn’t finished until my paws and face are shaved.  My toe nails need to be ground down too.    You must be thinking, “we don’t have to hear about all the details of your grooming, do we?”   But, this dog is writing about my grooming because I sure do feel refreshed and I even smell real pretty!   Perhaps, one day this weekend, I can prance down some local city and listen to all the ooh ahhs.

HAPPY   BIRTHDAY  🎉🎂     to  Nancy’s niece, Alicia, who set-up this blog on Word Press.   I hope we go visit her, Andy  and Brie (her french bull dog) because they are such a cool family!    P.S.  Photo above  is BEFORE my grooming happened!

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  1. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! How lucky you are to hear the sounds of music every day. It was the one thing I missed most about Lucas going to college – listening to him practice and having the house filled with beautiful music. While I listen to recorded music every day, it’s just not the same as hearing a musician work out how they want to express the music. I’m so glad the saxophone repair went well! Trusting someone to repair something so valuable is much like going to the doctor and trusting another person with your health/life. And Happy Birthday to Nancy’s niece!🎉

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