Anticipation of Repaired Saxophone

Anticipation of Repaired Saxophone

I was slightly miffed yesterday when I was not invited to go on a few errands with Nancy.   I guess I have been a bit spoiled lately!    Even when I need my space, she drags me along to wherever.  Yesterday however, she left without me, with her saxophone.

It has not only been months since she has complained about her saxophones needing repair, it has been years.   Do you know what that is like to live with someone who can’t play to their potential on a musical instrument because it needs repairs?    I do,  and I have tolerated her moaning about it all this time.   I suppose it would similar to if I did not have  a supply of my orange balls to run after?  Nah, it is totally different.

Tomorrow, when she picks up her saxophone, I think I can go along if I can be inconspicuous  in my entrance downplaying  my beauty and grace.    Seriously, I don’t try to prance around for recognition, it just happens.   I don’t need the attention, but I will take it.   Most definitely, I can be there to hear if the saxophone is in tip-top shape again.  If you think “oh, it is only a saxophone” you are greatly mistaken.

Her saxophone (and bassoon)  has  always been her lifeline since she can remember.   Of course, family, friends and her faith also help her immensely.  I can truly say, I could listen to her play saxophone all day.   In fact, I hope I hear her play/practice far more often after the saxophone repairs are completed.

As we look for a new home, some seem more interested in the acoustics for musical instruments than the size of my play area.  Actually, that is not true. “Ample play space for me is crucial too!” said Nancy.

All righty then, time to go since I am getting a much needed bath now.   (Because, once that saxophone is repaired, there won’t be much time for baths.)



One thought on “Anticipation of Repaired Saxophone

  1. Glad to hear about the repaired saxophone. I have one that I say I can’t play now because one key needs replacement. Actually I don’t think I could even play it at all now – that’s just an excuse. It HAS been a number of years (way more than I will admit here) since I have played. I am glad you will be hearing the sounds of Nancy playing again cause you’re sure not going to hear the sounds of ME playing! Thank your lucky stars.

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