Overwhelmed, But Blooming!

Overwhelmed, But Blooming!

When life gets a bit overwhelming at our house, we choose to watch the process of the incoming iris  flowers.   Just about the time that we somehow killed an absolutely gorgeous geranium flower pot, we channeled our frustration to the iris bed.   Seriously, after giving the geranium pot a weekly dose of miracle gro, the plant seriously died.    We don’t get it!

Let’s put that mystery aside and focus on the beauty of blooming plants around here.    While there are many theories about the separate purple and yellow iris changing colors, we are choosing to simply enjoy the new colors that have arrived.   Isn’t that so much like life?!   We can plan our future and then suddenly that future is changed.   When there is nothing we can do to remedy the fiasco of such changes, we somehow go on.   Our character relies on forgiving rather than being bitter to those who have wronged us.  Hey, but this dog will love living wherever my humans live.    I still think I would fit in quite well with living in France – a french standard poodle can only dream, right?!

By the way, I am curious if many of you followed my Ten Days of Random Kindness?    Perhaps you did not even notice that I took a break after that marathon of blogs?   Do any of you have any suggestions for my  future blog writings?   Please feel free to comment in the comment sections and trust me, your e-mail address is only seen by me and Nancy.

Here are both the 2008 photos of my purple and yellow iris garden and the 2023 iris patch.  Enjoy your summer weekend!

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