Ten Days of Random Kindness, Day 9

Ten Days of Random Kindness, Day 9

There it was staring me down only to show me that PATIENCE  is so much a part of kindness.   Being patient with someone is not too often random, it is well thought out to allow someone the gift of time.   Oh my, I need more coffee this morning.  Please be patient with me right now!   By the way, I don’t drink coffee in case you are really reading this blog, HA!

Most days I seem to have boundless patience. On those rare occasions when my patience is not in balance, I  work on changing my attitude.   Besides, when we show patience for ourselves or others, usually the reward was worth the patience rendered.  Dear readers, you show me great patience as I stumble through  translating my dog thoughts into  human words!   Thank you for your patience!!!

I constantly witness the gift of patience all around me from humans.   Gosh, the stories I hear about  the patience that is required to teach private music lesson nowadays, I am tired out just listening to her growing lack of patience.  But then, a student that is prepared restores her patience back to 100%.

Be patient in both suffering and joy.   The wait, while being patient is worth the trials.   The celebration of joy comes in many forms on earth and in eternity.

2 thoughts on “Ten Days of Random Kindness, Day 9

    1. Thanks for reading the blog Chuck! As long as there are a few that enjoy the blog, Harmony will continue to write about life with humans, etc. We are thinking and praying for your grandson all the time.

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