Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 5

Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 5

Just when I was weighing in  on choices for day 5 in my random kindness thoughts, my wonderful neighbors brought their dog, Ole over for a visit.    Talk about perfect timing, don’t you think?!  In the midst of all the excitement of my unexpected visitor, I forgot to have someone take a photo of our bantering relationship, so just a photo of Ole will have to suffice for now.

Obviously, my day 5 random kindness is to surprise someone by stopping by for a visit. (Of course, phone or text first like they did.)  As you can see, Ole is smaller than me.   After many attempts to get her  to play with me, she crawled into our friend’s lap.   You guessed it, so I did the same, only into Nancy’s lap.    A dog is never too big to be a lap dog according to you know who!   There we sat for quite a long time until Ole was secure enough to get down again.    I even managed to get her to run off the deck for some time.

Now, I look forward to Ole’s next visit.   Perhaps she will remember this big dog with my big heart and actually play with me instead of all those “other” games?  When was the last time you surprised someone with a visit?   Today could be the day that you  lighten   someone’s normal schedule with a day brightener!

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