Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 4

Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 4

Today, I had a lovely time walking through a field  with beautiful blooming  daffodils.  Of course, since it seems to be Greg’s favorite flower, our adventure had us gathering some of the gorgeous daffodils to surprise him.     When was the last time you either gathered flowers from a field or bought someone flowers?    Tah-dah, you guessed it that our Day 4 of Ten Days of Random Kindness is bringing someone flowers.

We could not walk through a field of flowers without hearing about Nancy’s  prairie fields  and  wood’s adventures.  Not only were there wild flowers that she once gathered; but, times of whimsical bliss leaving her to feel carefree.   The comparison came in that the colors of the bouquet could be as diverse as  the sounds possible on saxophone. Whatever that means?

Even though I could not physically help Nancy pick those daffodils, I accompanied her through the field.   I was lucky that she navigated away from those thorny weeds.   After gathering the daffodils, I enjoyed watching her arrange them in a vase.

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  1. 🌺🌸Harmony, I will call it ironic, that I’m going to be out and about today doing just as you’ve advised! Love it. Enjoy the day and may God bless your heart! Love, Lori

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