Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 3

Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 3

Today’s act of random kindness has to be the simplest I could suggest for you.  As you are walking perhaps in a busy  city  or trail, allow someone to go ahead of you when you are slowing everyone down.   I could be quite fast on our local trails; but, my humans are not.  Often I move over to suggest that those fast bikers or runners, pass us.

Why is everyone in such a hurry, anyway?   Maybe I should not let all those people in such a hurry pass me?   Sometimes, I wonder if they even take notice of the little purple flowers blooming or the snowbirds that have returned from wherever.   At least, I often hear the people whizzing past us shout out to us, “Pretty dog!”   Whoa, so they are noticing me, just not taking time to stop and chat.

You may not be aware that I am fortunate to ride in the car often.   It is there that I witness Nancy moving out of the way all the time for drivers far faster than her.   Their urgency to pass us does not seem to make any sense to me because when we arrive at a stop light, they are detained there.    While it is kind to allow people to move ahead of us, perhaps we should try to help them slow down?

A sense of courtesy must not be a lost art in our world!   To sum up a simple day three.   Be courteous, let people go ahead of you and please slow down a bit.


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