Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 2

Ten Days of Random Kindness: Day 2

Perhaps if you could see me prance on my walks it would give you a clue for Day 2   of random kindness thoughts?   Sure, I am rather graceful in my prance which leads me right to my topic of showing grace as your kindness today.  I realize that this is a huge topic and I want to say that these random kindness days are not in any particular order.   While showing compassion and kindness to everyone can certainly be challenging, we can have a better world if you extend grace to those who have wronged  or hurt us.

Ok, so right now you are thinking, “what does a dog know about showing grace?”  If you only realized how many times I wanted to go for another walk or a longer walk.   Instead,  I had to show grace when Nancy decided to be lazy instead.  I serve best by showing my grace to my companions in our home.   My talents and gifts are to remind them to have grace for those who don’t show them grace.

Lastly, show yourself some grace too.    Stop all the perfectionism.    Give yourself some credit and reward for so much that you forget you do and can do.   I have mastered this myself as I know that I am a pretty awesome dog!    Then, put a mute on  negative talk.    For this reason, I take Nancy on many walks because “hello” how can a person allow negative talk when out in the beautiful surroundings of birds singing and trees blooming!  Give yourself the gift of grace by learning to say NO to something.     Ah Nancy, that doesn’t mean you can say NO to mowing that lawn that is getting pretty long now  HA!

Today, Choose Grace for the people you encounter and for yourself!

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