Spring is Here! May 4, 2023

Spring is Here! May 4, 2023

Some people speak through their music. Others actually use their dogs as their voice. Now, can you possibly imagine who I am thinking of?  I mean, why doesn’t she write her own blog instead of manipulating me into  writing a  blog every week? The human life  can be rather complex if you ask me!   But, as you know, I am here to make anything that can seem too profound become extremely simple.   So, let me once again say that while I am the author of this blog, my humans definitely like to try try try to influence my topics for my blog.   For this reason, I have banned Nancy to come near me when I write these blogs!

Spring finally did arrive here!   Yes, as we take our daily walks, I am hearing the welcomed birds  sing and seeing buds come out on all the trees.  On the side of the house, the iris and tulips are already 6 inches high and the cute little purple flowers are blooming by the mailbox.   On the neighbor’s hillside, sits a single daffodil flower standing out with pride as if to say, “yes, I am escorting in  spring all by myself!”

You know, it only takes one little flower or one thing or person, to start to change the world!   I happened to hear on the news last night that a Pastor is going to bike across America to spread love.    I am a bit surprised that he did not phone me to join him since that is my mission on earth too!  Sigh, I guess my assignment is not quite so grandeur in the eyes of the world; but, even us dogs have our own gifts, right?!   Yup, I have been fine with my gift.

One thought on “Spring is Here! May 4, 2023

  1. Isn’t it exciting? Spring is finally here! I too am energized by nature coming alive. Spreading love is such a worthy mission and I love that you spread love through your blog. May the flowers, birds, and walks in the warmth of spring fill your soul with pure joy. Enjoy the weekend!

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