Missed PCA, May 1, 2023

Missed PCA, May 1, 2023

First of all, I have to report that I am so pleased that I have gone on many road trips.    That all changed when I realized that once again, we missed the PCA (Poodle Club of America) event.  I had to search through some facebook posts to relive some of the Musique Standard Poodle PCA events.  Jill is my breeder and responsible for so many beautiful dogs.

Jill said,  “My first ever attempt at performance at PCA this year. How many years has it taken for Kirsten to convince (or more accurately strong arm 🤣) me to enter? Broadway was a good boy and scored a 99/100 in rally earning a second place. Lyric also had her PCA debut in conformation and “sort of” controlled her exuberance making the cut in a strong class and ending just out of the ribbons. Group winning GCH Musique Song and Dance Man RN (Broadway)  Musique A Song to Remember (Lyric).”

I am  very sad that I missed seeing my breeder and friend Jill of Musique Standard Poodles compete in the PCA.    The two dogs that Jill took to the PCA have the same maternal great grandmother as me.   Just think about that. I didn’t even have to send off for a DNA test to learn that they are distantly related to me.  I may have never competed in any PCA with Jill; but,  I win the grand prize for being loved by my humans.    

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