A Home of Love and Music

A Home of Love and Music

It goes something like this. The weather in Minnesota wasn’t getting any better so I had to do something about it.  So I nudged my companions to take a little bit of a day trip. I had to convince them that there was this great house up north to tour. But,  I had to go along to approve of it, and of course check out the yard.   I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard them talking to the Real Estate Agent that they cared as much about what I thought of the house as themselves. Gosh, what kind of dog gets those kind of house companions for real anyway?!

Just so happens that I realize that it isn’t the house or the yard that makes a home. It is about  who shares the house with you.  The only thing to make a real home is love!  While I realize that it sounds sappy to you humans, I must speak the truth.  We will continue to search for a home that can be filled with music and love.
By the way, I know also that Nancy cares  about the acoustics of  a home.   She claims some of her best memories were created in places that were not huge stages.     They were places of solitude that were able to echo her heart through her music – places like the milk house on the farm or the workshop Greg once used off of his employer’s house.  On her bucket list is to only finish her compositions in a room that helps her record her life story.     I think that room requires my approval as well.

P.S.   Greg made the stamp for Nancy.

2 thoughts on “A Home of Love and Music

  1. I missed PCA this year as well. I’ve only gone twice and it’s been three years, but it sure is fun and you sure do see some gorgeous poodles! Maybe next year! Roy (the golden retriever) and I are taking a little road trip to Iowa Wednesday after our field training outing. It’s fun to visit old friends who are receptive to a dog guest, even though he is a great guest. Doesn’t steal socks and underwear like the poodle representative here but that poodle is darn cute. Almost as cute as Harmony. Best of all good wishes to you all and hey – I do believe spring is on the way after all! There were doubts I know . . .

  2. These blog posts add such joy to my day! I find day trips are a wonderful excuse to explore beyond our comfort zone and best if they’re unplanned. Are you hunting for a new place to call home? If so, you have the most important ingredients – loving family members and a saxophone! And I hope the surroundings bring inspiration. The stamp is great – it’s so creative and beautifully captures Nancy’s business. Bravo Greg! Stay warm during this winter-of-no-reprieve.

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