Memories of Nancy’s Mom, April 11, 2023

Memories of Nancy’s Mom, April 11, 2023

Where do I possibly start this conversation about Nancy’s Mom (protecting her identity by not revealing her name)  passing from this earth?   Even though she was not fond of dogs in the house, she tolerated me to stay under the kitchen table when we visited her.  You guessed it, I never took it personally.   That is the kind of woman Nancy’s Mom was, one of grace, kindness and integrity.  Hello, I may be a dog, but, I always listened to the conversations around that farm house kitchen table.

Nancy’s Mom not only was a kind and gentle woman, she had an amazing sense of humor.   Come on, she allowed me to come in the house after decades of “no dogs in the house” rule.   If I recall correctly, I don’t think she had much of choice in the matter.    We just showed up and they snuck me under the table with my sherpa blanket.    I did not dare make a peep and so the story goes – I made that trip many times.

There were many great dogs that lived on the farm over the years.   None of them lived in the house, so I  understand the sacrifice Nancy’s Mom made  to allow me to stay in the house.  No one even complained (that I am aware of) about my supposedly favored treatment.    That was just one of the millions great attributes of Nancy’s Mom – she embraced some changes when possible.

Nancy’s Mom  loved all of her family and friends!  She knew that I was extremely important to her daughter, so she made an exception to my visits.   Don’t forget, others were never courageous enough  to bring their dog into the house like Nancy did.   You know the saying, “Love me, love my dog!”    Mom knew  all of Nancy’s introverted tendencies.  Therefore, she knew  I helped her more than most humans could ever understand.    So, don’t ever underestimate how much a Mom loves her child!

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