March 22, 2023

March 22, 2023

There is a bit of a disagreement in our home right now about not shaving my long hair until April.  But, I think Nancy will win this one because she keeps telling me that she will fully groom me soon.  You know the routine, she first shaves my face and paws.  Next comes, my toenails being ground down.   Before I know it, I will be in the garage with hair all over  the place.

Yup, signs of spring are in the air, and I will be brushed with care, not to mention, nothing to spare….do you care, or is this rhyme just  not fair?   If you saw me with such flare, you would perhaps just stare.  Better yet, if that was not enough to bare, all while you stood there with a smirk glare. Please do not say that you dare,  for then I would  declare.  This rhyming thing just came out of mid-air, so let me hear a drum snare! I realize I am a dog quite rare, so smile and let the  instruments blare. Since I am not a mare,  which I am quite sure you are aware!  As you know, I don’t swear so let’s end  this rhyme with a prayer.   Please go out with your love to share, and it will come back to you, right there!

Why all of sudden my attempt to rhyme?   Nancy always says there was no man she loved and respected more  than her Dad.   Her Dad loved rhymes, so now I rhyme sometimes to lighten her moods.  He is smiling down on all of us who  try and keep life simple, the most profound joy of all.


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