March 9, 2023 Irish Sugar Cookies Coming Soon!

March 9, 2023 Irish Sugar Cookies Coming Soon!

So, by now you may be wondering if we were able to get Nancy out of those boots with cleats?  Well, not quite yet!  In fact, now we need rain boots to navigate through the huge puddles of water.    My muttluk boots are not water proof, so don’t even suggest that we bring those back out from the shelves.   Seriously, I like the idea of someone opening an indoor track for dog walkers.  Why hasn’t anyone done that in Minnesota?  Gosh, I think the huge chicken barn at the farm should be converted into a dog walk instead of boat storage, don’t you?  It could be the new thing waiting to happen.    The other option of course, is to move out of snow country!

Then, there is that next holiday approaching – St. Patrick’s Day.   Even though none of us in this household are Irish, we love the Irish!   In fact, one of Nancy’s friends said, “Oh my, I love your sugar cookies, you need to make them for St. Patrick’s Day!”   At first, I guess Nancy said, “No, I am done making those sugar cookies for now.”  But then, she thought about it and looked for shamrock cookie cutters to surprise her friend.   When she could not find the cookie cutters she told Amanda that if she found the cookie cutters, she would make her some sugar cookies for St. Patrick’s Day.  Guess what arrived yesterday – clover cookie cutters from Amanda.

SO, you know how this goes, right?   Nancy never just makes one batch of cookies, she quadruples the recipe.  If you are IRISH (or not), you too may be able to enjoy some of her Irish sugar cookies next week.   You know what to do!!!

There is actually quite a bit more to write about today!  I am sagacious enough to keep this blog short enough to allow you time to read it.   Here is a selfie of me after I finished my blog today.  (Yup, a photo before I brushed out my hair!)

2 thoughts on “March 9, 2023 Irish Sugar Cookies Coming Soon!

  1. Does this count as a request for some of those Irish sugar cookies?! 😋☘️ seriously, we LOVE St. Patrick’s day and we LOVE your cookies – so I’d definitely appreciate a few if you have any leftover! Love you! 🥰

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